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Fuel Saver

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Since all single-wall fuel storage tanks are required to be within a dike or impoundment area, Metal Products went a step further with tank design. 

To assist the owner in dealing with the requirements of  rainwater discharge within fuel storage tank diking areas, Metal Products has incorporated a rainshield design that sheds rainwater and also aids in the capture of an unfortunate ‘overfill.’ 

By enclosing the fill fitting along with the required emergency vent fitting within a containment box (shown above with the lid removed) equipped with a chute running down through the rainshields, any overfill or fill spillage will be diverted directly into the dike.

 A tank equipped only with rainshields will not prevent spillage or overfills from going straight out onto the ground, resulting in the need of reporting a fuel spill to the local environmental authorities.,

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